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As Seen On

Ginaki, LLC is one of the best full service event planning companies in Atlanta, GA.  As seen on VH1 TV and People's TV, we provide programs and services that suit your needs. We are available when you need us the most, and when you choose us, you can expect quality professional service. We understand that allowing us to take over your event is a big decision.


Ginaki Inc vs. an Individual


Short staffed or short a team member? No worries! Ginaki Inc always provide a back-up team member to cover you.  An Individual will not. Ginaki Inc is licensed, insured, and bonded. Typically, individuals are not. You don’t have to build a relationship with our employee. That's right, we've got you covered! We give you all the freedom from involvement that you desire.


Our event services include:

  • Venue Booking

  • Runway & Event Design

  • Conception & Design

  • Day of Coordination

  • Grand Openings

  • And more...


Call us today @ 404-957-5101!

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