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Tane Wo Tsukeru Otoko




Tane wo Tsukeru Otoko (lit. "Tane who will marry, Otoko"), also known by its English title as Close Your Eyes, is a Japanese romantic-comedy anime television series produced by J.C.Staff. It was announced on February 26, 2018 that the series would be the next anime adaptation of Umekichi's romance novel series, also titled Tane wo Tsukeru Otoko. The original manga's story focuses on the love triangle between a 30-year-old bachelor named Tane, his younger brother Taiga, and an 18-year-old kindergarten teacher named Otoha. The manga and anime series have been running since 2004. A film adaption is also in the works, with filming starting in December 2019. The anime series premiered on April 7, 2018. The opening theme for the first 12 episodes is by WEATHER NEWS. The ending theme is by AiM. Sentai Filmworks have acquired the exclusive English-language home media distribution rights to the series, which will be released under their Nozomi Entertainment label. Anime News Network noted that the series is written and directed by Akiyuki Simbo with music composed by Haru Kōen. Contents Plot The plot of the series is based on the story of the manga, which follows the love triangle between the Tane brothers and a young teacher named Otoha who becomes the love of Taiga's life. Tane, whose love for Taiga has been known to be jealously dangerous, believes that Otoha is a dangerous woman who is out to capture his brother, while Taiga believes Otoha is a good person with a bright future who could help him. But as time goes by, Taiga's infatuation for Otoha soon blooms into love and Taiga attempts to steal Otoha away from Tane, causing a rift between them. Characters The original anime series follows a manga which centers around the brothers, Tane and Taiga, and the 18-year-old high school teacher, Otoha. Tane is the oldest of the three. His father died when he was still a child, and he continues to act cold towards Taiga as a result. He is described as a male version of the mother, Yōko. But he is a hard-worker, more responsible, and is more cautious than the siblings, and also has a good sense of justice. Taiga is



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Tane Wo Tsukeru Otoko

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